The Whippet Beans

In an unknown time, on an unknown planet, a hairy egg was pulsating. That mysterious egg was brought to earth by bemused astronauts and incubated in a top secret warehouse.

When the egg hatched, a new kind of music spilled out and six musicians emerged. The whippet beans had arrived on earth, armed with hundreds of songs, mixing a ton of genres and singing about things the earthlings had never heard before.

Within a few years the whippet beans were travelling the globe spreading joy, instigating new ways of dancing, and delivering their message of fun and rebellion.

“Ever wondered what a Geordie, musical version of Monty Python would sound like?…”
NARC Magazine

“Absolutely brilliant and frankly insane”
Bob Fischer BBC Radio Tees

“The whippet beans had the whole crowd moving with their mischief-making infectious tunes. They’re a rag tag of funky funsters that playfully belted out cheeky tunes that had the crowd grinning while they danced.”
NE Volume Magazine

“They’re an interesting bunch and pretty hard to forget once your paths cross.”
– Point Blank Teeside, Edition 6

“Let the revolution be loud and fun!”
– Soft Mick of Soft Mick and the bean bags